A book edited by the Foundation is LAS HONDAS GUATEMALTECAS, written by Anabella S. Paiz and Valia Garzón (2007), which is available in a Standard version and a Special Numbered Edition.

This book is the only compendium published on carved slingshots and the first serious exploration on this subject. Until now, this traditional art has only been appreciated by artisans and collectors themselves. However, the original shapes and intricate carving that is inspired by imagery derived from the animal kingdom, Mayan and Catholic iconography, myths and historical events, make them stand out as objects of cultural expression.

With this publication, this artistic manifestation regains the importance it deserves. Las Hondas Guatemaltecas delves into the history, culture, and art behind the creation of these distinctive objects and places the slingshot within the historical and cultural context of Guatemalan life. The book is also a beautiful visual document with more than 50 photographs of Guatemala and its culture, as well as more than 400 color photographs of slingshots that personify both Superman and the Virgin Mary, from soldiers to guerrillas, as well as quetzals, dancers traditional and others.

Standard Edition: Hardcover – 283 Pages

Dimensions – 28.8 x 26.3 x 3.5 cm // 5 lb.

ISBN – 978-99922-937-0-6 Language – Spanish and English

Special Price- US $ 54.00

Special Numbered Edition – 25 copies.

Bound and hand-sewn, lined in linen and with the title embossed with a silver letter inside a leather-lined box. Inside the book signed by the research team and a certificate signed by the President of the Foundation. The box includes four beautifully crafted slingshots or slingshots to start or enrich a collection.

Special Edition with 4 collection slings: US $ 900

Special Edition without collector's slings: US $ 650