Mr. Fernando Paiz, President of the La Ruta Maya Conservation Foundation, was invited by National Geographic Society to participate in the forum entitled "Cultural Heroes: Saving the Past", as part of NatGeo videos. This activity was held on May 14, 2014 in Washington DC.

Publicly on view for the first time, this “Lurking Jaguar-masked Warrior” is surely one of the most stunning and rarest discoveries of past decades associated with Guatemala’s Early Classic (ca. 250 AD- 600 AD). In fact, it is the only well preserved example known to date of a large-size, three-dimensional stucco sculpture with its original color still preserved.


Once again, the collection in the custody of La Ruta Maya Foundation was consecrated in a solemn ceremony by a group of Aj'qijab or Mayan Spiritual Guides. The first time, the objects were consecrated by the authorities of the Indigenous Municipality of Santo Tomás Chuwilá, Chichicastenango, in order to "liberate the knowledge and protection" to the Pre-Columbian objects, according to the Mayan worldview.


A painting executed in black paint on a flowstone cave fan was presented to the public by La Ruta Maya Foundation as part of the exhibition THE WORLD OF THE MAYAN ARTIST, at the "Antiguo Colegio de la Compañía de Jesús" in Antigua Guatemala.

The flowstone fan stands out for having a scene with two characters performing a period-ending ritual, as indicated by a short hieroglyphic text with the Calendar Round date 9 Ajaw 3 Muwan.