La Ruta Maya Foundation participated with a booth at the ExpoTattoo 2016, invited by the organizers of the Convention, announcing the exhibition "The Human Figure and Body Decoration in Pre-Columbian Times", which openned to the public at the Training Center of the Spanish Cooperation in Antigua Guatemala from August 25, 2016 to February 26, 2017.

La Ruta Maya Foundation started February 2017 with an activity organized by TRIGG County High School in Cadiz, Kentucky, United States, as part of the PBL (Project Based Learning) of the Foreign Language Class.

Polychrome stucco sculpture of a character wearing a jaguar skin mask and a short skirt resembling the jaguar pelt, now on view in the exhibition "MAYA: Das Rätsel der Königsstädte" (Ruta Maya Foundation, Guatemala Register of Cultural Property No. 1.2 .1.299).

Mr. Fernando Paiz, President of La Ruta Maya Conservation Foundation, had a conversation with Mark Coleman, from the Huffington Post, about his life and projects for Guatemala.