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  • “Maya: The Exhibition” opens at the Cincinnati Museums Center on the 17th of July, 2020

After being temporarily closed due to the pandemic caused by the COVID 19 virus, it reopens after its North American debut at the Royal Museum of British Columbia (Royal BC Museum) in Victoria, Canada, in 2019.

Curated by Professor Nikolai Grube (University of Bonn, Germany) and designed by architect Ángel Luis Rocamora of Rocamora Arquitectura (Spain) for MuseumsPartner, this is the largest and most impressive exhibition of Mayan art and archeology in the world. Many objects have been recently discovered and never seen before outside of Guatemala. Ths show displays more than 300 precious objects of jade, ceramics, gold, stone and textiles are presented. that reflect the classic and contemporary Mayan culture.

The main lenders are the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of Guatemala (MUNAE) and La Ruta Maya Foundation. The national museum of Guatemala is dedicated to the conservation and research of archaeological and ethnological artifacts within Guatemala’s history and cultural heritage.

La Ruta Maya is a private organization that seeks to recover and repatriate objects -illegaly traded in the past- and register them as Cultural Herittage of the Nation, making them available for research and exhibition for educational purposes.

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The exhibition will be open to the public from July 17 to September 7, 2020.

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PHOTO GALLERY with images by Siegfried Brugger and Peter Thornquist