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  • La Ruta Maya Foundation was invited by the INAH Center of Campeche (Mexico), to participate in the analytic roundtable “Maya Women and their Sociocultural Context”

“The analysis of the role that women played in ancient Mayan society, is increasingly relevant in the investigation of its Pre-Columbian history. The discovery and detailed study of archaeological materials has made it possible to publicize the relevance of their presence in government and religious spaces, as well as in warfare, in addition to its leading role in the development of the social and economic life of the Mayan culture”.


Miriam Judith Gallegos Gómorra: “Women in the iconography of Campeche figurines”

Sofía Paredes Maury: “Female figurines from the collection of La Ruta Maya Foundation, Guatemala”

Cessia Esther Chuc Uc: “Women in Contemporary Mayan Culture”.

Moderator: Adriana Velázquez Morlet, Director of CINAH Campeche.

You can see the presentations here (available only in Spanish):