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Sofia Paredes December 19, 2012 0 Comments

For the first time, thirty-one Pre-Columbian objects of the Classic Period (AD 250-900) are part of the permanent exhibition at the Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Textiles. These objects show women, important warriors and elite gentlemen wearing complex outfits. Also other items were given on loan for the exhibition, such as necklaces and flower-shaped ornaments made of shell and jade. Thanks to the La Ruta Maya Foundation, the exhibition intends to demonstrate the persistence of an ancient tradition over time. The exhibition is open to the public since August 23rd. 2012.

The installation of this exhibition, entitled “Textile Tradition Records on Mayan Pre-Columbian Figurines and Polychrome Vessels”, is based on a comparative study between the garments that appear on figurines and vessels, today’s attire, as well as other examples from the Ixchel Museum Collection, in order to identify those that have persisted over time. On figurines it’s easier to see headdresses, blouses or huipils, and su’t similar to those costumes worn by the Mayan women of today. Although this proposal is not conclusive, interesting results were obtained, which are shown in the gallery.

The collection is now on the first Gallery of the Ixchel Museum and can be visited during normal business hours at 6 Calle Final, Zona 10, Centro Cultural Francisco Marroquin University, Guatemala City. Tel: 00 (502) 236-1808 1/2 and 8 and E-mail: