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La Ruta Maya Foundation, together with the National School of the Arts “Rafael Rodríguez Padilla” (ENAP, in Spanish), has organized this art exhibition that seeks to establish a point in common between Maya Pre-Columbian design and contemporary geometric abstract art and design.

The show invites to think about the creative processes of artists who, despite the time distance and their own visions of geometric abstraction, reached the same plastic representations. The decorative variety intends to amaze the public and continue to inspire designers, artists, interior designers, architects and other branches of expression related to the human creativity we all share.

This exhibition presents an interesting selection of objects made of clay and stone from the Maya Classic period (250-900 AD).  Special emphasis on those that include shapes, motifs and patterns in their decoration, traced from the basic line and geometric figures. ENAP students painted the walls of the gallery with designs by contemporary Guatemalan artists.

The collection is under the custody of La Ruta Maya Foundation for its protection, conservation, research, dissemination and public display for educational purposes. As such, it is registered as cultural heritage of the Nation in the Registry of Cultural Property of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.