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Sofia Paredes February 12, 2020 0 Comments

The president of the La Ruta Maya Foundation, Mr. Fernando Paiz, recently donated a group of musical instruments to Mr. Erick Vásquez, Director and researcher of the “KINICH Travelling Museum of Musical Instruments”, to be exhibited and used in workshops and concerts organized by the Museum.

The “K’inich Museum” carries out activities in several communities in the country and abroad, but above all, it organizes workshops for children under risk in the red light districts around the capital city. In those areas -Erick says- “it is easier for children to identify the caliber of a weapon by the noise it makes, than to identify the sound of an instrument.” The Museum’s alliance with La Ruta Maya is through the study of the Pre-Columbian collection of musical instruments in custody of the Foundation.

The instruments are the following: – 4 “chirimías” (a kind of wooden flute with a cane mouthpiece) from the western highlands of Guatemala

  • 1 bugle
  • 1 clarinet of around 100 years old 
  • 1 tzu’tujl guitar, consisting of a body made with a dried calabash with holes, and the fretboard attached to it with natural beeswax. This instrument is used to accompany traditional songs.
  • 1 handmade violin (early 20th century)
  • 2 rattles made from the fruit of the calabash tree (called “morro”)
  • 2 turtle shells
  • 4 “matracas” (wooden, noisy intruments, that are totally of Spanish influence. These are generally used to accompany processions during Holy Week or patron saint festivals) 
  • 1 guitar (a special 1920 edition that belonged to Don Fernando’s grandfather)
  • 1 mariachi “guitarrón”
  • 1 replica of a Sitar from India