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Name: Figurine head
IDAEH Cultural Property No:
Category: Figurilla

Head with an anthropomorphous face (Tiny face) modeled and punched. Curiously the face shows a gesture of admiration or surprise because it has its mouth wide open showing the upper file of teeth and it can be distinguished a slight smile. Their ayes are punched (the right one has a double hole) and the nose has a nasal septum with the nostrils well defined. It shows a tiny protuberance at the top of the head.

*Dated in the file of the Registry of Cultural Goods between the 400 a.C to the 250 d.C.


Period: PRECLASSIC (2500 BC-150/200 AD) Late Preclassic (400 BC-150/200 AD).
Provenance: Pacific Coast of Guatemala
Medium / Material: Clay
Technique: Incised, Modeled, Punctate, Worked
Location: Bodega

Height: 7cm
Width: 5cm

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Photo credits: Jorge Pérez de Lara