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The exhibition "PRE-COLUMBIAN DESIGN, A contemporary view" continues until March 5, 2023 in the CFCE Antigua. Look for it in The Chapel exhibition gallery. Look for information about the show here

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The Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, issued a Resolution in honor of the President of the La Ruta Maya Foundation, Ing. Fernando Paiz, along with his professional team, for "their persistence and unprecedented efforts to help bring 

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5-minute video that accompanies the exhibition "The Images of the Maya Gods in the 16th century: The Encounter of Two Worlds". This exhibition presents more than a hundred pre-Hispanic pieces, prints, maps, photographs and facsimiles of documents

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Since very early times, Pre-Columbian artists explored the human figure. They observed movements, postures and features that were later expressed in sculpture and ceramic pictorial art. Another way of representation stood out throughout the Mesoamerican region: ceramic

Mr. Fernando Paiz, President of La Ruta Maya Conservation Foundation, had a conversation with Mark Coleman, from the Huffington Post, about his life and projects for Guatemala. "Mr. Fernando Paiz is the quintessential Renaissance man. A philanthropist, businessman, cultural