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La Ruta Maya Foundation participates with the CULTURE section in PUBLIRUTA Magazine as a way to reach more people with information about the Foundation and interesting topics that feature the Pre-Columbian collection in our custody. You can

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Mr. Fernando Paiz, President of the La Ruta Maya Conservation Foundation, was invited by National Geographic Society to participate in the forum entitled "Cultural Heroes: Saving the Past", as part of NatGeo videos. This activity was held

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On February 1, 2015 the Getty Research Institute organized a screening of the documentary film "Dance with the Maize God" and a discussion with a select panel of experts in the field, including Sofia Paredes Maury, Executive Director

Publicly on view for the first time, this “Lurking Jaguar-masked Warrior” is surely one of the most stunning and rarest discoveries of past decades associated with Guatemala’s Early Classic (ca. 250 AD- 600 AD). In fact, it

Once again, the collection in the custody of La Ruta Maya Foundation was consecrated in a solemn ceremony by a group of Aj'qijab or Mayan Spiritual Guides. The first time, the objects were consecrated by the authorities

A painting executed in black paint on a flowstone cave fan was presented to the public by La Ruta Maya Foundation as part of the exhibition THE WORLD OF THE MAYAN ARTIST, at the "Antiguo Colegio de

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A mosaic mask of La Ruta Maya Foundation, was restored from a handful of small pieces of jade, coral and shell. The batch of mosaic pieces was registered a few years ago with the No. by

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La Ruta Maya Conservation Foundation received, from Dr. Francis Robicsek, a collection of slides of architectural remains, monuments, and views of archaeological sites in Mesoamerica, taken by him in the mid-20th century. The slide collection is in

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A limestone block carved with hieroglyphs -from La Ruta Maya collection- was examined by specialists in art history, archeology and epigraphy, in order to determine -at least partially- the lost history of an object that was looted

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On July 26, 2012, Mr. Tomas Calvo Mateo, “Cofrade Principal”, and his group of “Principals” of the Indigenous Municipality of Santo Tomás Chuwilá, Chichicastenango, made a courtesy visit to La Ruta Maya in Guatemala City, driven by