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Spain welcomes the exhibition "Mayas. The Enigma of Lost Cities" at the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ). This exhibition encompasses about 200 objects from the National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology of Guatemala, La Ruta Maya

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The Historisches Museum der Pfalz in Speyer (Germany), in close cooperation with Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms, the University of Bonn and the Drents Museum in Assen (Netherlands), opens to the public the great international exhibition "THE MYSTERY OF MAYA

La Ruta Maya Foundation, with the support of the Training Center of the Spanish Cooperation (CFCE, in Spanish) and the Embassy of Spain, presents the exhibition "Human Figure and  Body Decoration in Pre-Columbian Art". This exhibition shows

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The Drents Museum in Assen, Netherlands, is currently showing the great international exhibition "MAYA, RULERS OF THE RAINFOREST", which is open to the public from February 28 to September 4, 2016. Afterwards it will travel to the

La Ruta Maya Conservation Foundation, with the support of the Training Center of the Spanish Cooperation (CFCE, in Spanish) and the Embassy of Spain, opened the exhibition "The Maya Water World". This exhibition presented almost a hundred

Exhibition "Treasures of the Maya Spirit Through Time" at the Artecentro "Graciela Andrade de Paiz" 2015 "Treasures of the Maya Spirit" is an exhibition that celebrates maya culture through time. On this occasion more than 70 works

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 TREASURES OF LA RUTA MAYA: Exceptional Pre-Columbian Art The exhibition includes vases painted with scenes and hieroglyphic texts, sculptures in stone and stucco, as well as jade and shell ornaments. It also highlights a selection of 9

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Exhibition THE FLAVORS OF MESOAMERICA: The Pre-columbian past of the regional cuisine Guatemala, August 14, 2014.-  The La Ruta Maya Foundation, with support from the Training Centre of the Spanish Cooperation (CFCE in Spanish) exhibits a selection

The exhibition "Treasures of the Maya Spirit" was presented to the public at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California, as part of the great events at the LA Art & Antique Show (January 14 -19 2014).

The exhibition THE WORLD OF THE MAYAN ARTIST arrived to CASA NO'J CULTURAL CENTER in Quetzaltenango on August 9 of 2013 and opened on Monday August 12. This exhibition is a joint sponsorship effort between La Ruta