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La Ruta Maya Foundation (Guatemala) presents a selection of Pre-Columbian musical instruments under its custody. The purpose is to show a variety of instruments and how they sound, according to their manufacture. This video is a joint

After being temporarily closed due to the pandemic caused by the COVID 19 virus, it reopens after its North American debut at the Royal Museum of British Columbia (Royal BC Museum) in Victoria, Canada, in 2019. Curated

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The president of the La Ruta Maya Foundation, Mr. Fernando Paiz, recently donated a group of musical instruments to Mr. Erick Vásquez, Director and researcher of the "KINICH Travelling Museum of Musical Instruments", to be exhibited and

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Antigua Guatemala.- La Ruta Maya Foundation, with the support of Casa Santo Domingo, presents the exhibition "Masterpieces of the Pre-Columbian Artist", a display of more than 78 archaeological objects of great beauty and artistic mastery. This exhibition

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A historical-documentary video, with 3D recreations, on the evolution of the architectural complex and the church of the "Compañía de Jesús" in Antigua Guatemala, and current headquarters of the Training Center for the Spanish Cooperation (CFCE in

Sofia Paredes September 11, 2019 0 Comments

5-minute video that accompanies the exhibition "The Images of the Maya Gods in the 16th century: The Encounter of Two Worlds". This exhibition presents more than a hundred pre-Hispanic pieces, prints, maps, photographs and facsimiles of documents

The Pre-Columbian collection under the custody of La Ruta Maya Foundation has been recently consecrated dyring two solemn ceremonies performed by the Aj'qij'ab of Chimaltenango and Sololá, respectively. The first one of this year was held on

Antigua Guatemala. --- Exhibition open to the public at the Training Center of the Spanish Cooperation (Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española/ Antiguo Colegio de la Compañía de Jesús in 7th avenue North between 3rd and

Victoria, Canada- "The Great Jaguar Rises", a remarkable exhibition highlighting Maya civilization past and present, makes its global debut at the Royal BC Museum, the first venue in the world to host this exhibition from May 17

Fourteen (14) objects under the custody of La Ruta Maya Foundation are part of the travelling exhibition "Maya, The Great Jaguar Rises" ("Mayas, el Ascenso del Gran Jaguar"), at thel Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada. Highlights