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Name: Effigy vessel

IDAEH Cultural Property No:

Category: Vasija efigie


Zoomorphic effigy bowl, miniature, with the figure of a toad resting on their extremities, which work as the supports, with open eyes and mouth. Ceramic type Usulutan, color orange with negative decoration.

Period: PRECLASSIC (2500 BC-150/200 AD) Late Preclassic (400 BC-150/200 AD).

Provenance: Pacific Coast of Guatemala

Medium / Material: Clay

Technique: Incised, Modeled, Painting

Location: Bodega


Height: 6cm
Widht: 4,5cm

References to similar objects:


  1. “LOS MAYAS Y EL AGUA” (The Maya and the Watter) Formation center of the Spanish Cooperation, Antigua Guatemala. (Jul. 17 – Nov. 8, 2015)



Photo credits: Jorge Pérez de Lara