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Name: Captive

IDAEH Cultural Property No:

Category: Figurilla/Silbato


Anthropomorphuous whistle that possibly represents a captive, sitting with the open legs ( exposed genitalia), the arms tied to the sides and is rolled up with a piece possibly cloth. It has torn eyes, flat nose and the mouth slightly open showing teeth. It wears a band over the forehead, it shows to be made out of cloth, with fringes towards the sides and a necklace made out of beads.
White paint remains.

Period: CLASSIC (150/200 A.D.-900 A.D.)

Provenance: Pacific Coast of Guatemala

Medium / Material: Clay

Technique: Modeled, Painting, Perforation

Location: Bodega


Height: 11cm
Width: 11.5cm

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Photo credits: Jorge Pérez de Lara