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Name: Character Seated on Miniature Throne

IDAEH Cultural Property No:

Category: Figurilla


Figurine made out of ceramic, it has a brown color, it represents a character sitting in a small rectangle shape throne. Its hair is made out of incisions and it wears round earmuffs (big earrings). It has a small nose, the mouth is open, it has short arms and the belly is prominent, it resembles Olmec style figurines.

Period: PRECLASSIC (2500 BC-150/200 AD) Late Preclassic (400 BC-150/200 AD).

Provenance: Maya Lowlands

Medium / Material: Clay

Technique: Incised, Modeled, Punctate

Location: Bodega


Height : 9.5cm
width: 5cm

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Photo credits: Jorge Pérez de Lara (photo 1); FLAAR (photo 2)